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We offer exactly what you want, amazing prices, a manufacturers own warranty and Vauxhall expertise. Our research has shown that 8 out of 10 tyres are cheaper at Sherwoods!

You simply can't beat Sherwoods Vauxhall for good value tyres!

Vauxhall Model Our Price From*
Vauxhall Corsa Corsa tyres from £47.99
Vauxhall Astra Special Edition 1.4T 16V (125PS) Energy 5DR Astra tyres from £57.99
Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport 2.0 Turbo D SRi 5DR Insignia tyres from £67.99
Vauxhall Mokka X Mokka tyres from £77.99
*Price includes fitting, balance, valve and environmental disposal and VAT. Subject to availability.

There is no need to make an appointment! Please Enquire Now to find out more, contact your local Sherwoods dealership or call Darlington: 01325 271132, Stockton: 01642 694059 or Northallerton: 01609 801314.

Tyre Advice

Tyres in Darlington, Stockton and Northallerton

There are certain legalities that we must all stick to when it comes to tyres. The main one is the minimum tread depth which is 1.6mm. If this is close to or lower than this tread depth, your tyres need changing. If they go below, your car is believed to be not suitable for road use.

This is even more important if you are towing caravans, the tread depth must be checked on all wheels, as the extra weight can increase chances of blow outs, which can be dangerous.

There are ways you can check if your tyres need changing - such as the 20p test. This is done by inserting a 20p coin into the lowest tread depth, if you can see the outer rim around the edge of the coin, they need changing.

It is important to maintain the condition of your tyres; this can be done with inflation of the tyres when necessary. This diagram will help you understand how to identify whether your tyres have the correct inflation based on your load.

Tyre inflation
Tyre Safety Month

Wheel Alignment

It can be difficult to tell when your wheels are not correctly aligned while driving. However if they are not correctly aligned, your vehicles handling may be changed and therefore your safety could be at risk.

Incorrect wheel alignment could be caused if you have bumped something solid such as a pothole or kerb. If this has happened or you notice uneven wear you may need to have them checked.

If you come to us, we can do a full wheel laser alignment that will align your wheels and make your vehicle safer.

20 steps on how to use a Tyre Repair Kit

The tyre repair kit is in a compartment in the spare wheel well of the luggage compartment.

  1. Take the pouch with the tyre repair kit from the compartment. Carefully remove the components from the pouch.
  2. Remove the compressor.
  3. Remove the electrical connection cable and air hose from the stowage compartments on the underside of the compressor.
  4. Screw the compressor air hose to the connection on the sealant bottle.
  5. Fit the sealant bottle in the retainer on the compressor – Set the compressor near the tyre in such a way that the sealant bottle is upright.
  6. Remove the valve cap from the defective tyre.
  7. Screw the filler hose to the tyre valve.
  8. The switch on the compressor must be set to O
  9. Connect the compressor plug to the accessory socket or cigarette lighter socket.
  10. Switch on ignition – To prevent battery discharge we recommend that you leave the engine running.
  11. Set the rocker switch on the compressor to I. The tyre is filled with sealant.
  12. While the sealant bottle drains (approx. 30 seconds) the pressure indicator on the compressor briefly points to 6 bar (87psi). Pressure then sinks again.
  13. All of the sealant is pumped into the tyre. Afterwards, the tyre is filled with air.
  14. The prescribed tyre pressure – should be reached within 10 minutes. Switch off the compressor when the correct pressure is obtained (if the specified tyre pressure is not reached in 10 minutes, remove the tyre repair kit. Move the vehicle through one tyre rotation, approx. 2 meters, in either direction. Reconnect the tyre repair kit and continue the filling process for 10 minutes. If the specified pressure is still not reached the tyre is too badly damaged. Drain excess tyre pressure with the button over the pressure indicator).
  15. Detach the tyre repair kit. Screw the filler hose to the free connection on the sealant bottle. This prevents sealant leakage. Store the tyre repair kit in the luggage compartment.
  16. Wipe away any sealant spill with a cloth.
  17. Dismantle the warning triangle and stow it in the luggage compartment.
  18. The enclosed sticker shows the maximum permitted speed at which the tyre repair may be used. Apply sticker in the driver’s field of vision.
  19. Continue driving immediately to allow the sealant to distribute evenly throughout the tyre. Stop after approx. 6 miles / 10 km (but not more than 10 minutes) and check the tyre pressure. Screw the compressor air hose directly onto the tyre valve. As long as the tyre pressure is more than 1.3 bar (19psi), it may be adjusted to the prescribed value. Repeat the procedure until there is no more pressure loss; if it is below 1.3 bar the vehicle may no longer be used (contact Sherwoods).
  20. Store the tyre repair kit in the luggage compartment.
Part Worn Tyres
Tyre Smart
TyreSafe - Check your pressure

Why use Sherwoods Aftersales?

  • Vauxhall trained technicians with over 300 years of experience collectively
  • We use genuine Vauxhall parts on your vehicle
  • Subscribed to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute-approved Motor Industry’s Code of Practice for Service & Repair
  • When your car comes in for it’s annual service, we will not charge you to fit the wiper blades
  • Courtesy cars are available for customers by pre-booked appointments
  • Free wash and vacuum with every service
  • Our invoices will clearly set out the price we agreed and there will be no hidden extras
  • No appointment is necessary for tyre, battery and exhaust checks, just pop in
  • Complimentary tea and coffee available