Sherwoods Group

Vauxhall Dealer Vauxhall Customer Excellent Award 2018

Darlington: 01325466155

Stockton: 01642633333

Northallerton: 01609773770

Sherwoods Group

Meet The Team

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Darlington Team

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Business Centre Team

  • Alasdair MacConachie

    Alasdair MacConachie

  • Simon MacConachie

    Simon MacConachie
    Managing Director

  • Andy Drinkel

    Andy Drinkel
    Group Used Car Buyer

  • Chris Shutt

    Chris Shutt
    Group Sales Manager

  • Nick Howes

    Nick Howes
    Group Marketing Manager

  • Ian Hockney

    Ian Hockney
    Sales Manager Northallerton

  • John Dent

    John Dent
    Sales Manager Stockton

  • Anthony Devlin

    Anthony Devlin
    Transaction Manager

  • Rob Richards

    Rob Richards
    Finance Business Manager

  • Rowland Clark

    Rowland Clark
    Finance Business Manager

  • Terry Garvey

    Terry Garvey
    Transaction Manager

  • Andy Forster

    Andy Forster
    Senior Sales Consultant

  • Alex Higgins

    Alex Higgins
    Sales Consultant

  • Barry Singh

    Barry Singh
    Sales Consultant

  • Steph Gardner

    Steph Gardner
    Sales Consultant

  • Ruth Jones

    Ruth Jones
    Sales Consultant

  • Sam Fluen

    Sam Fluen
    Sales Consultant

  • Tony Arnett

    Tony Arnett
    Sales Consultant

  • Ami Singh

    Ami Singh
    Sales Consultant

  • Laura Emery

    Laura Emery
    Sales Consultant

  • Liam Atterton

    Liam Atterton
    Sales Consultant

  • Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson
    Commercial Van Specialist

  • Dale Simmons

    Dale Simmons
    Senior Sales Consultant

  • Nigel Drinkel

    Nigel Drinkel
    Sales Consultant

  • James Graham

    James Graham
    Sales Consultant

  • Pritpal Singh

    Pritpal Singh
    Sales Consultant

  • Zeenath Deen

    Zeenath Deen
    Sales Consultant

  • Peter Reddington

    Peter Reddington
    Sales Consultant

  • Tom Curran

    Tom Curran
    Motability Specialist

  • Nichola Thompson

    Nichola Thompson
    Motability Manager

  • Craig Sellars

    Craig Sellars
    Group Service Manager

  • Andrew Wishart

    Andrew Wishart
    Service Manager

  • Andrew Atkinson

    Andrew Atkinson
    Workshop Controller

  • Adam Atkinson

    Adam Atkinson
    Quality controller

  • Kayleigh Jones

    Kayleigh Jones
    Senior Service Advisor

  • Claire Brannan

    Claire Brannan
    Service Advisor

  • Lynda Walker

    Lynda Walker
    Service Advisor (Van Specialist)

  • Andy Hodgson

    Andy Hodgson
    Group Parts Manager

  • Darren Riley

    Darren Riley
    Assistant Parts Manager

  • Mike Greaves

    Mike Greaves
    Parts Trade Area Manager

  • Anne Newrick

    Anne Newrick
    Bodyshop Reception & Admin

  • Alison Evans

    Alison Evans
    Service Advisor

  • Mike Farrell

    Mike Farrell
    Service Advisor

  • Peter Motson

    Peter Motson
    Service Advisor

  • Liam Hoy

    Liam Hoy
    Service Advisor

  • James Forsyth

    James Forsyth
    Commercial Van Specialist

  • Les Potter

    Les Potter
    Bodyshop Manager

  • John Wears

    John Wears
    Assistant Bodyshop Manager

  • Christine Mudd

    Christine Mudd
    Bodyshop Office Manager

  • Andrea Verrill

    Andrea Verrill
    Bodyshop Reception & Admin

Why Use Sherwoods?

  • Established for over 90 years
  • Largest family owned Vauxhall dealer in the North East
  • We won't be beaten on value
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Hundreds of used cars in group stock
  • Valued very highly within the community
  • Best price always paid for your part exchange